Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Long Break

I took a break from blogging after I retired from teaching......two years ago!  I was convinced I'd lost my muses.  My students, my friends and one particular muse was gone and I thought, so was my blogging life.

It seemed nothing came to me as interesting, or funny, or charming as the anecdotes I cultivated from being around my students and friends all day, everyday. 

I was convinced my creative thoughts were gone.   Nothing inspired me.  Nothing made me laugh like the witty bantor and funny quips I could contribute to during a day of office conversation or the back and forth sharing of info with students. 

Convinced I had used all the good stories of my life, I felt I had nothing else to say.  So, I'm going to the Blogher Conference in NYC in August to find my place again in the blogging world.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing to say? OH NO, NO, NO...
    We will have none of that kind of talk around here.